"As fresh and clear as a
Kansas Spring Morning!"

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Welcome to Longford Water Company!

Home of Kiowata brand bottled water.  We offer 3 different size bottles. 16 oz., 20 oz. and one gallon jugs.

Water will be drawn from the Kiowa and Dakota aquafers, filtered and bottled.

How important is water to your overall health?

Well since our bodies are 60 to 70 % water (depending on your age), it's considered by many to be life's most essential nutrient. In fact an individual can last longer than a week without food, but only one week without water.

Fact -

Water plays a significant part in weight loss?

Water is great for dieters because it has no calories, acts as an appetite suppressant, and helps the body metabolize stored fat. Drinking enough water helps contribute to overall better health.

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